Choosing the right type of costume.

If you look at the vast range of swimwear available it can be very hard to know what type is needed for what occasion, eg competition, training or open water, here are some guidelines.

If you swim more than once a week it is more cost effective to buy a chlorine resistant costume ( Speedo Endurance, TYR Durafast, Maru Pacer, Kiefer Dura, Dolfin Uglies) These costumes will last for 2 – 3 times longer than a lycra costume and will not be damaged if the costume is left wet at the bottom of the swim bag for a few days.

A lycra suit tends to stretch , thin and even flake after maybe only a few months. Lycra however is great for competitions and should be as tight as possible to allow for little drag, most people go down 1 or maybe 2 sizes for a competition suit. Competition jammers, legs and kneeskins should be skin tight which means they are very hard to get on – if your feet are a problem try putting plastic bags over them and then the costume will glide over the top. You should always ensure the costume legs are as high as possible before pulling up the rest of the costume. AVOID wrapping the costume in a towel, as this heats up the chlorine and can cause quicker deterioration. Always rinse the costume again at home, DO NOT wash with detergent or in a machine. DO NOT tumble Dry or dry on a radiator.